Reinventing Knowledge Management

At its core, the way we work today still relies on the same old process: Shaping knowledge, Sharing it and Consuming it.

Over the years, distribution has changed but there is still an unbreakable link between the content and its format.
Now, what if you could shape knowledge and consume it according to your preferences.

That’s why we started elgo, to find solutions and new ways to promote collaboration through the exchange of knowledge. And here are some of the solution we created along the way.

Share something that happened on your screen and never forget anything.

Using passive tracking technology, Elgo Recatch helps you share a slideshow of clicks you did with associated comments.
It is used for creating guidelines & onboarding docs, QA testing, bug reporting...

Create a doc instantly by describing something in context

Elgo Capture helps you create support documentation easily without spending time on post edition. You can capture and comment on each step of a process.
It is used for customer support answering and documentation creation.

Search for knowledge, no matter where it has been shared with you.

Because today's number of collaboration tools is growing (email, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box…), sharing knowledge and collaborating has never been easier. But at the same time, all those tools brought new communication channels, making it hard to find what you look for.
Elgo search helps you find the right knowledge no matter the tools it has been shared into.

Try a more personal way to communicate, with video

Because sharing knowledge is not only about the words and facts, video is a popular format that keeps engaging audiences. In this idea of quickly capturing and sharing knowledge in a rich format without losing information, Elgo Video helps you record and send a video with a call to action in a breeze.